WOMEN of the Sooke Region

The Sooke Region Museum’s annual summer exhibition debuted at our open house on June 23, 2019. The Women of the Sooke Region exhibition explores the stories, challenges and triumphs of key women who shaped the Sooke region. While celebrating the formidable women who helped create today’s Sooke, it also includes stories of women who are building the Sooke of the future.

Included in the exhibit are stories of day to day life as a woman in the region over time, as well as featured key individuals behind major events or causes in the community. Writings, material culture and historical photographs help give context to the lives of women who were instrumental in building our community.

The exhibit is comprised of eight categories representing roles women might occupy: The First Women, Pioneers, Volunteerism, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Governance, Sport, Health, and Education. Through text and visual content this exhibit demonstrates how women have shaped the region in a multitude of ways, creating a culture of dedication to their community.

This exhibit will have broad appeal, and the results of highlighting this aspect of the community will give the people of the Sooke region a sense of pride, accomplishment and inspiration for themselves, their colleagues, friends, relatives, and ancestors. It will also preserve and celebrate these stories.

We recently received funding to develop a virtual version of the exhibit with the help of the Virtual Museum of Canada Community Stories Investment Program. The virtual project will go online on International Women’s Day in 2021.

Montana Stanley Collections & Exhibits Manager