Otter Point HistoryThis overview of heritage sites and areas of historical interest is an addendum to the Otter Point Official Community Plan (OCP). It was compiled by Arnie Campbell with the assistance of Elida Peers, Historian with the Sooke Region Museum and the support and encouragement of June Klassen, Manager of Planning Services for the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. The information used came from a variety of sources identified under Acknowledgements.

The assembled history covers a century of European settlement in Otter Point from the 1860s to the 1970s. Much of the information is based upon the archival collection and publications of the Sooke Region Museum. Some of the information is anecdotal, based upon stories and recollections from present and former residents of Otter Point. While considerable effort was made to verify the information presented, errors are inevitable; as new information comes forward corrections and updates will be made. Contact Arnie Campbell c/o the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Planning Services office if you have questions concerning this document or wish to contribute new information.

Printing of this publication was done by the Sooke Region Historical Society in January 2014.
The source of each photograph used in this history is identified by the following: SRHS – Sooke Region Historical Society; PA – BC Provincial Archives; SC – Scouts Canada; Otter Point Fire Department

This report is available on the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area website: Otter Point History (PDF)